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Creative Director, Copywriter, Content Creator, NYC
storytelling, branding, content, ad/marketing, social, video

Breaking Matzo

Roles: Creative Director, Content Strategist & Producer, Copywriter, Recipe Developer, Food Stylist, Video Director & Producer, Photographer


Partnered with client to develop a brand from scratch - name, identity, website, social channels, content, photo shoots.


Breaking Matzo was created to build a community for Jewish people looking for inspiration - recipes, DIY projects, articles on home holidays such as Passover, Hanukkah and Succot. 

The positive response to the brand has been overwhelming. The brand has clearly filled a niche in the digital space. Engagement on social posts and with the original content we have developed has grown astronomically. 

In 2020, we published a cookbook, "Magical, Meaningful, Memorable,"  bringing the digital platform to print. The book won 2020 International Cookbook awards from the NIEA (National Indie Excellence Awards).

Click on website screenshot to visit live website or click here.

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