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Creative Director, Copywriter, Content Creator, NYC
storytelling, branding, content, ad/marketing, social, video


Grass Roots Farmers' Cooperative (e-commerce company)

Role: Senior Copywriter/ Content Strategy

Worked directly with Grass Roots (GR), a cooperative of farmers across the US, as the brand storyteller - communicating the value of regenerative farming to the environment, the animals and the consumer to help consumers make an informed decision about purchasing quality meat from Grass Roots.


- Ideating and writing about 15 emails per month to inform and inspire recipients with recipes, tips, sales, new products, partnerships, give-aways.


- Creating a Meatlopedia which included descriptions of every cut of meat GR sells - for website descriptions, customer service and internal GR education

- Blog ideation and writing incorporating SEO best practices

- Holigraze Holiday Print Guide with details on prep for holiday cuts (inserted in all shipping boxes)

- Online advertising and social media (acquisition and retention)

- Rewrote customer flow to increase conversion and mitigate churn while ensuring tone was on-brand.

- Edited/animated video ads

- Pitching and creating partnerships with partner brands and creating campaigns and blog posts to promote giveaways and product collaborations.


Grass Roots Farmers' Co-op website:

Read the full blog post here:

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