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Creative Director, Copywriter, Content Creator, NYC
storytelling, branding, content, ad/marketing, social, video

Joseph's Gourmet Pasta

Roles: Creative Director, Copywriter, Food Stylist


Joseph's Gourmet Pasta makes premium pastas and sauces for restaurant chains, independent restaurants and other foodservice establishments. Joseph's, like most food brands, uses distributors for their products so the quality and breadth of their product line often doesn't get communicated to their target audience - chefs. So they wanted to create a campaign targeted at chefs that demonstrated the high quailty of their pastas and fillings - what chefs really care about. We tasted many a ravioli (someone's gotta do it) to immerse ourselves in the brand and understand the flavor, texture and quality of the product. Through beautiful photography and mouth watering copy, the ads showcased "what's inside" and ensured chefs that serving Joseph's Gourmet Pasta will "drive more diners to their door."


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