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Creative Director, Copywriter, Content Creator, NYC
storytelling, branding, content, ad/marketing, social, video

National Geographic Channel

Roles: Creative Director, Copywriter


Created b-to-b and b-to-c campaigns for the National Geographic that enticed cable providers to carry the channel and for consumers to ask for it. 


Created an innovative concept where the website and accompanying print piece would navigate from "the ends of the earth" (top to bottom) with "adventure at every level." As you scrolled from the homepage to the lowest level of the website, an outdoor adventurist would go from repelling down the mountain to scuba diving. Through this unique engaging marketing campaign, the cable provider is already experiencing the sense of adventure they and their customers will receive from carrying the National Geographic Channel. An accompanying turnkey rich media campaign was provided to the cable providers so they could hit the ground running promoting it once they carried the channel on their service.


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